Hey, What’s Up!

We hope you’re enjoying our brand new Rascal Clothing range. It’s taken us 2 years worth of planning and preparation to get to this stage and we are proud of what we have achieved.

We appreciate all your support and hope that our#F2Family will also join us and #BeRascal.

The F2

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Size Guide
Waist: unstretched
S 22 Inches
M 23 Inches
L 24 Inches
Wrist Band Size Guide
Sizing - Inches
Length Around (L) 8 3/8'' (M) 7 3/8'' (S) 6 6/8'' (CHILD) 5 7/8''

Width (L) 0.5'' (M) 0.4'' (S) 0.4'' (CHILD) 0.4''

Thickness (L) 0.08'' (M) 0.08'' (S)0.08'' (CHILD) 0.08''